Doublers and Gard bags arriving in about a month!

Posted by Team ACB on 11th May 2024

Doublers and Gard bags arriving in about a month!

We are expecting some exciting shipments soon! If you've been waiting for Doublers or Gard bags, then we have some welcome news for you: our shipments are already in transit to ACB and are expected to arrive in about a month!

We will be getting all of our Doubler models back in stock, including piccoloseuphoniumsflugelstrombones, and C trumpets! Haven't reserved your horn yet? Let us help by phone at +1-816.410.0826 or by email.

In our Gard shipment, we will be getting the new double trumpet fiberglass cases in nylon, as well as Elite bags in electric blue leather, gray crocodile and blue leather, chocolate brown leather, and black and navy leather. We will also be getting new colors for the mouthpiece pouches and plenty of the "taco" inserts. Please call if we can help you find the right bag or case for your needs.

Thank you for all you do for ACB! Hope to see you at a show this month. 


- Team ACB

(Eric, Kyle, Aidan, Logan, Caden, Josh, Roman, Robert, Dalton, and Trent)